Working Agreements Agile Team

Work modalities are often used in the context of agility, but can be used by any team. Through the work agreement process, teams are made more aware of the interaction between individuals. However, meetings can be painful for everyone, especially if they are poorly planned. They feel like a waste of time that could have been invested elsewhere. What`s particularly frustrating is that these are usually spontaneous meetings that disrupt everyone`s day and potentially affect team members` ability to close their tickets within a certain amount of time. At first, encourage discussion within the team and empower everyone to propose, accept, and reject a deal. Keep in mind that you can`t get people to change their feelings, but you can focus on (enforceable) behaviors. My name is Alex and I was a project manager. I made the transition to the agile world in 2009 and never looked back. I appreciated how fast and adaptable agile work was after the complexity and inertia of the waterfall. I also quickly discovered that it was as simple as Agile, it was really about changing people`s mindset to adopt a different working lifestyle. The change in mindset meant « showing the light » to people, so I became an Agile coach. Work agreements are one of the main goals that all good Agile teams need and use.

For those of you who are not familiar with work arrangements, they are nothing more than agreed protocols created by the team to govern their interactions and clarify expectations. They are different from the basic rules, which tend to be more about compliance, but some of the basic rules are in line with what I call working arrangements. There`s nothing more frustrating, especially for a project manager, than decoupling team members in an important meeting. While you`re thrilled to have made sure everyone shows up, you`ll have to face a new battle to grab the attention of attendees who are glued to their devices or doing work that has nothing to do with the goals of the meeting. .

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