Website Development And Hosting Agreement

The « Pro Developer » test conditions also differ, so the website is « accepted » for the purposes of the contract if the customer uses it commercially despite identified defects or unreasonably delays the testing process. Before the customer accepts the website, it must be thoroughly tested. The exact details of the test (and the retest in case of failure) must be agreed between the customer and the developer and then detailed in the schedule provided. Various options are available to the customer if the website is still defective after reconsideration. Fees and payment terms must be detailed in the schedules provided, which cover both the design and development of the website and the subsequent hosting of the website. The main part of the agreement contains only the essential provisions. Please also note that the data processing provisions in this document have been designed to strike an appropriate balance between coverage, detail and brevity. In some cases, additional details may be desirable, in which case a separate data processing agreement is available. An optional alternative to the full data processing clause is included in this document, which refers to a separate processing agreement. In case of doubt, appropriate legal advice should first be requested. Please note that this Agreement is not and should not be construed as a Software License Agreement, except as otherwise provided in the Agreement. It is more correct to have a written agreement to clearly define the responsibilities of both parties when your website is developed and brought online. Please inform your lawyer if you forward it for review.

This general web development and hosting agreement is specifically written to guide the development and hosting of websites for our smaller or « entry-level » websites. More comprehensive web development and hosting projects are initiated with a written and signed agreement that becomes the control document for these projects. This Agreement does not apply to these projects, but to all other web development and hosting projects initiated solely on a commissioned order. 2.1 Website Design — The design of the Customer`s Website is selected by the Customer at the time of issuance and in accordance with the specifications contained in the Customer`s order (« Additional Specifications »). There shall be no deviation from the standard website design chosen by the customer without this specification being included in the customer`s order or otherwise provided for in Approval.. . . .

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