The Thesis That Common Moral Agreement About Right And Wrong Actions

In exploring what it means to be ethical, we look at what is rational « good » and « false. » We need to have such conversations so that we can live with other people in society. Philosophers also argue that the best way to reach our full potential is to be ethical. A. the penetration of immoral and amoral businessmen. For example, the excessive pursuit of personal profit, wealth and other selfish interests. C. a corporate culture that puts profitability and good business performance ahead of ethical behavior. D. strong pressure on company leaders to meet or exceed profit targets.

E. All of this. measures to ensure that the company`s strategy is ethical and that ethical principles are respected when operating Company B. How many and what types of resources will be eared for charitable contributions, public utility efforts, various worthy works and aid for the disadvantaged. Measures (beyond what is necessary) to protect or improve the environment, including environmental problems resulting from the company`s own activities and problems outside the direct field of activity of company D. Measures to create a work environment that improves the well-being of employees and makes the company an excellent place to work. All of that. Which of the following is not part of the moral case, why should a company actively promote the betterment of society? A. starts with managers who themselves have a strong character (for example, who are honest, who have integrity and who really take care of how they run the affairs of a company).

B. starts with leaders who show the company`s stated values. C. includes leaders with high ethical principles and standards who uphold a code of business ethics and strong ethical compliance and who are genuinely committed to certain business values and practices. D. starts with managers who understand that there is a big difference between accepting values and ethical codes that only serve as window decoration and those who really draw the white lines for the real strategy and business behavior of a company. E. All of this. An ethical dilemma is a term for a situation where a person is faced with an ethically problematic situation and is uns sure what to do.

Those who experience ethical dilemmas are drawn to competing ethical claims or values and may feel guilty or guilty, regardless of their approach. The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre cites the example of a young Frenchman of military age during the Nazi occupation during the war, who is innocently faced with the choice of staying at home and taking care of his sick mother, or joining the resistance to fight for the future of his country: he perfectly understood that this woman lived only for him and that her disappearance – or perhaps her death – would overthrow her. in despair.. As a result, it was confronted with two very different modes of action; which is aimed at a concrete, immediate individual, but only at an individual; and the other an action directed towards an infinitely greater goal, a national collectivity, but that is precisely why it is ambiguous – and it could be frustrated on the way. . . .

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