Hrsa Cooperative Agreement

Commercial organizations that need to conduct audits must submit audit reports directly to HRSA at HRSA invests in grants and cooperation agreements for more than 100 organizations that address the training and technical assistance (T/TA) needs of health centers. The Other Consolidated Resources Act, which came into force on December 20, 2019, §2020, §202 (P.L 116-94), limits the amount of direct salary to be paid to a person under an HRSA grant or cooperation agreement, at a rate that is not higher than Executive Level II of the Federal Pay Executive Scale. To obtain indirect costs under a federal premium, your organization must have a federally negotiated indirect cost agreement. Such an agreement is usually only negotiated when an organization is the direct recipient of a price. Program Announcement Code The Program Announcement Code is a unique identifier for each HRSA-funded program. Multi-digit acronyms can be found in parentheses directly at the end of each program title and should be used to apply to the HRSA Grants Application Center in We provide you with information and tools to successfully manage your grant or cooperation contract. This requirement applies to all NEFs that receive federal grants – active grants, cooperation agreements and purchase agreements – of more than $10 million for any period during the performance period of a contract/project. The HHS Office of the Inspector General (HHS OIG) has a hotline for information on fraud, waste or abuse in HRSA programmes, including grants and cooperation agreements. You cannot use HRSA funds to pay a salary higher than this rate.

This salary limitation also applies to sub-beneficiaries under an HRSA grant or cooperation agreement. Grants Policy Bulletin: Legislative powers in Grants Management for FY 2020 (PDF – 398 KB) Legal provisions limiting the use of funds for grants and cooperation agreements for the financial year 2020. DUNS number All applicants must now have a Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) number to apply for a grant or cooperation agreement from the federal government. The DUNS number is a nine-digit identification number that clearly identifies business units. Getting a DUNS number is simple and there are no fees. To obtain a DUNS number, visit Dun and Bradstreet or call 1-866-705-5711. Note: A person`s basic salary is not limited by the legal provision on wage limitations. Tariff limitations only limit the amount at which RHSA grants and cooperation agreements can be awarded and invoiced. As of January 2020, the salary level at Executive Level II is 197,300 $US. This amount reflects the basic salary of a person without ancillary benefits.

They must submit transfers and NNNs to the EHB for documentary purposes. In the case of an NCE, a revised NoA is generated. If you carry out activities supported by subcontractor grants (including subcontractor subpayments under 45 CFR § 75.351), you must take appropriate measures to ensure that such organizations or individuals also comply with this Conflict of Interest Directive. You must inform yourself directly of real or perceived conflicts of interest. You are responsible for the management and execution of all contractual and administrative matters related to contracts entered into in support of an arbitral award. These include disputes, claims, protests against attribution, valuation of sources or other matters of a contractual nature. As described in 2 CFR 200.216, recipients and sub-recipients are prohibited from committing or spending grants (including direct and indirect expenditures, as well as participation and program): these organizations are funded to provide T/TA to health centers in a manner that improves patient safety and health outcomes, effectively serves different specialized areas, vulnerable and underserved rural areas, borders and urban population. . . .

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