Fundraising Partnership Agreement

This may include the monitoring measures described in point 7.3 to ensure that fundraisers comply with the Code. The terms of the agreement should allow you to read and, where appropriate, review all relevant policies and procedures put in place by the professional fundraiser and relevant to the protection of the public. This may include guidelines for people in vulnerable situations, complaint and whistleblowing management, training materials and the staff code of conduct. You must agree on all procedures with professional fundraisers prior to fundraising, including procedures for processing donor data and the production and use of fundraising materials. If you place fundraising content on the site of a third party or business partner, you should take the same care as when you would place it on your own website. When the third-party collector sells goods or services, a written agreement on the relationship between the non-profit organization and the third-party donor must be concluded (even if current legislation does not necessarily require it). A professional fundraiser or business participant who has an agreement with you must, upon request, allow you to view their books, documents and records relating to your non-profit organization. In the case of fundraising, where the fundraiser orally requests a donation, the person they are asking for is not present (for example.B. Fundraising by phone) must be done by the professional fundraiser during the interview. Within seven days of the donor paying £100 or more, the professional fundraiser must provide the donor with a written statement with the declaration of invitation and details of their right to a refund or cancellation of the payment. You should ensure that it is clear who owns the copyright to all materials and databases associated with the fundraising activity before performing the activity. An agreement can be a letter or a formal contract.

The example in this fact sheet contains some general instructions. But it`s a good idea to seek professional advice, especially when it comes to large sums of money. If the agreement allows for a change in payment levels, the agreements must clearly justify this by indicating the particular circumstances in which different payment levels may apply. . . .

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