Boilerplate Agreement

In the provisions relating to force majeure, it is customary for the seller to include the language according to which an event of force majeure does not excuse the performance of the buyer`s payment obligation. You should also consider inserting a language allowing the other party to terminate the contract if the force majeure event lasts more than a given period. It may not wish to remain bound by contract to a party who is unable to honour the enterprise contract for a longer period of time and to ensure the performance of another party. And then, it is rare that each boiler platform clause is necessary for a commercial or business contract. Often, it makes no sense to involve everyone. The only way, as Boilerplate clauses are standard, is to include clauses from this description, especially in commercial contracts. As part of or in addition to the entire contractual clause, the attorney should contain a statement that neither party relied on a pre-contractual statement or insurance, as this helps to fend off claims that the client relied on misrepresentation. Bankers and credit applicants fill in gaps depending on the circumstances or choose checklists instead of producing an entirely new document for each new applicant. These documents generally remain unchanged, so that the parties who use them are not encouraged to accept adverse conditions that could lead to even small changes in the text. Each party shall bear the costs and expenses it incurs in connection with the conclusion and completion of this Contract.

Then determine if one or both parties have the right to extend the agreement.

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