Autodesk License Agreements

Your right of return does not apply to all orders, including cloud point orders, consumption-related fees, advice, expanded advice, subscriptions, platform subscriptions or fees, offshore rights and company agreements. For more information, see our right of return. 2.4 Without Autodesk`s prior written consent, you may not distribute, rent, loan, sell, sublicense, or transfer or market other persons or entities without Autodesk`s prior written consent. The benefits may only be installed and/or accessed and/or used by users and must not be passed on to third parties who are not users. Autodesk® Software is not sold. On the contrary, we grant it to the end user under the terms of a software license agreement. Autodesk Software License Terms may vary depending on the specific product of the software and the version you have licensed from Autodesk, as well as the specific geographic region in which you purchased your software license. Students and teachers can download autodesk software for personal education for free*. Student licenses contain all the software features of our professional licenses, but contain a printed banner or watermark on the output indicating that the design was created with a student license version. Autodesk student licenses are only available as standalone licenses and cannot be used in the classroom or lab for teaching, commercial or for-profit purposes. 7.5 Comprehensive Agreement; Separability. This Multi-User Subscription Agreement and all other terms under this Multi-User Subscription Agreement (for example.B. Autodesk License and Service Agreements and Benefit Terms) constitute the entire agreement between the parties (and merge and supersede all prior or concurrent agreements, discussions, communications, assurances, warranties, advertisements, or agreements) regarding the subject matter of this association.

It`s a bit of liquid. The parties acknowledge that they do not rely on agreements, discussions, communications, assurances, warranties, advertisements or agreements that are not expressly stipulated in this Subscription Agreement for multiple users for the conclusion of this Subscription Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that Autodesk may supplement or amend the terms of this Subscription Agreement or the Terms of Use from time to time, provided that Autodesk notifies you in writing of any additions or changes before the additions or changes take effect for you. The terms you have specified in a press release, which purport to modify this Subscription Agreement for multiple users or benefits or other terms, are invalid and ineffective, unless signed in writing by an authorized representative of Autodesk. Any other changes to this Multi-User Subscription Agreement are also not valid unless signed in writing by an authorized representative of Autodesk. . . .

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