What Is An Enterprise Service Agreement

Provides access to electronic servicelink/IBMLink applications that can solve problems quickly. Can also create a set of problem data for the solution by an IBM service specialist or electronically ask a hardware technician to come to the site. 1.34. « Service Level Agreement » refers to the standard Cloudflare service-level agreement, available at www.cloudflare.com/__xsla. 3.6. Applications. Some magic Leap enterprise services allow authorized customer users to browse, select and receive a variety of Magic Leap World apps that can be used on the Magic Leap platform. Application licenses can be made available to the customer by Magic Leap or by a third party, as indicated by the corresponding Enterprise Service (the « application licensee, » if applicable). Magic Leap Licensed Apps To customers are magic leap apps. With the exception of Magic Leap Apps, Magic Leap acts as an agent for the application licensee in providing an application to the customer and is not a party to the end-user licensing agreement between the client and the app`s licensee.

Each application acquired by the Customer is subject to the end-user application license agreement (« standard » JAL) that is defined under Magic Leap`s account terms, unless the application licensee provides a final user license agreement (« Custom ENDUM ») for verification in the relevant Enterprise service before the application is downloaded and used. With the exception of Magic Leap apps, Magic Leap disclaims any responsibility for customer access or the use of content or content or features contained in those applications, which are provided only on a license between the customer and the licensee. Under no circumstances will Magic Leap be considered the licensee of applications (other than Magic Leap) that have granted rights to the use of these applications, who have made commitments or assumed responsibilities for these applications, including (without restriction) with respect to support or maintenance, warranties, product liability claims, non-compliance with applicable laws and claims for infringement or misuse of intellectual property rights, or insurance or warranty for these applications. To the extent that Magic Leap is identified as the third-party beneficiary of the standard BJEA or custom CLA applicable to each application (except Magic Leap apps), it may impose such an agreement.

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