Sacichawasihc Relationship Agreement

According to a press release from the Saskatchewan Municipal Awards, their winning practice has been to develop an arrangement that gives local and Aboriginal governments the opportunity to work together in a spirit of reconciliation and cooperation through the establishment of government relations. Laurence Paskemin, head of the Sweetgrass First Nation, hopes the agreement will allow signatories to pool resources and address negative and positive issues in their communities, such as jobs and economic opportunities. The framework calls on governments to set up a working committee that will work together, among other things, to build intergovernmental relations, cultural and historical prosperity and engagement, collaborative land use planning, social improvement, environmental responsibility and common representation of interests. On February 15, 2019, the group agreed that it was time to advance the idea of a common regional community framework, which would serve to ensure continuity and continuity of relations. The towns of North Battleford and Battleford, as well as a few surrounding First Nations, came together to form a large community at their Sacichawasihc Relationship Agreement signing ceremony. « It`s not First Nations that make First Nations better or Battleford or North Battleford make their cities better, we`re the ones working together, » he said, adding that the agreement brings a new sense of hope and really benefits those who need help. Sacichawasihc Relationship Agreement Signature Ceremony. This agreement was recently awarded first place at the Saskatchewan Municipal Awards, which recognize innovative communities. « We have made great progress through infrastructure, relationships with our neighbouring communities and commitment to our region, » she said. « I hope I can continue this work. » This agreement, signed by Battleford, North Battleford, Sweetgrass First Nation, Sauleaux First Nation, Little Pine First Nation and Lucky Man First Nation, aims to address everything from respect to crime, health care and everything in between. Kenny Moccasin called the agreement unique in Saskatchewan, but said he should not have agreed to get everyone to work together and said it should have started years and years ago. Nevertheless, the chief of the Saulteaux First Nation is curious to see how the group can stimulate economic development and work together for the betterment of all. The agreement says nothing to take the treaty or the rights of the participating First Nations or to limit the responsibilities and legislation of local governments.

Mayor Ryan Bater, the agreement is one of the highest priorities, if not the highest, for the city and the key ship, to ensure that neighbors work together to face similar challenges. Bater hopes the award would be in the group`s sails and draw the attention of federal and regional politicians to development assistance for executive champions.

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