Non Compete Agreement Google

However, as with the question above, whether your special non-competition agreement will be upheld in court depends on many factors, including where the employer will attempt to impose it in the country and where. Washington has passed legislation that makes it more difficult to enforce certain types of non-competition, but sets a wage threshold that does not protect many high-paid technology workers from litigation, including Brian Hall. Gov. Jay Inslee has tried to limit the misuse of non-compete agreements with the « non-compete act, » which came into effect in January. But the law only applies to employees who earn less than $100,000 a year, freeing most Amazon Tech employees from their protective measures. Lawmakers said Amazon lobbyists played a role in reducing the law`s salary limit from $180,000 to $100,000. Hall is the latest in a series of complaints filed by Amazon to enforce non-compete agreements in Washington. Amazon sued Philip Moyer, a former chief commercial officer of Amazon Web Services, after he started working at Google Cloud last year. A judge eventually agreed to limit some aspects of Moyer`s role in Google for the duration of the deal, but agreed to abandon Amazon because of « unreasonable » aspects of the contract and an attempt to « not adapt the competitive restrictions to the work that Moyer stopped working. » Amazon`s latest complaint is aimed at preventing Brian Hall`s employees from taking a vice president role in Google Cloud`s marketing group.

Citing the non-compete clause signed by Hall when it joined AWS two years ago, Amazon says its move to Google could cause « immediate and irreparable damage » to AWS, the hall that has « developed and knows the confidential roadmap of Amazon Cloud products for 2020-21, » Amazon said in its May complaint to King County Superior Court. A Washington state law, which came into effect in January, limits the application of the non-compete clause to employees earning less than $100,000 a year. Amazon has defended this relatively high threshold, which excludes the vast majority of head office employees from the protection of the new law.

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