Account Registration And Agreement

Immediately after the expiry of domain name registration services and before the domain name is deleted from the respective registration database, we can forward the domain name to the ip name and address servers we have designated, including, but not limited to an IP or ip address that hosts a parking page or a commercial search engine that can display ads, and we can either leave your RDDS information intact, or change the contact information in the RDDS output to the expired domain name so that you are no longer the statement of the expired name. 4.1 If you choose to register an account (« platform account ») to access the platform, no tax is payable at that time, but you must complete and submit the registration form. By registering a platform account, you become a « Registered User. » 14.3 Your acceptance of this Agreement will also be a general release of all of our executives, directors, agents and employees of any liability for claims, losses and damages (direct and indirect, including loss, value, value and business opportunities) arising from or in any way in the course of your use of the platform. They free us, ICANN, registry operators and contractors, agents, employees, senior executives, directors, shareholders, subsidiaries, related companies, divisions, accountants, lawyers, insurers, predecessors, successors and beneficiaries of the assignments of these parties (« Indemnitees ») who are unscathed and unseemly claim, claim, damage, loss, expenses and expenses, means, means or other debts, known or unknown, including reasonable legal and legal fees, in any manner related to, from or in any other way from your domain registration, including, but not limited to use, registration, extension, extension, extension, removal and/or transfer, and/or violation of all applicable conditions , registration, including this agreement, including a violation of your, warranty, obligations or obligations in this agreement, the services provided under this Agreement or your use of the Services, including, but not limited to a violation or alleged violation of the intellectual property or other rights of a person or organization that uses them, or as a result of the violation or alleged violation of our rules or operating policies of ICANN regarding the services provided. You will not receive compensation or agree on such a right to an acquittal, which relates to compensation without the prior written consent of the relevant compensation, which is not unduly accepted, and you accept that these compensation obligations will survive the termination or expiry of the contract for any reason. We may obtain written assurances from you promising to compensate us, defend us and compensate us for the costs and commitments described in this paragraph, including on behalf of a registry operator or ICANN. Such written assurances may include, at our sole discretion, the publication of a performance obligation (s) or other reasonably calculated guarantees to guarantee payment. Your inability to provide such assurances may be considered by you to be a violation of this agreement and may, at our sole discretion, lead to the loss of your right to control the injunction of domain name services for which you are the registrant and of which we are the Registrar of Registry. This allowance is in addition to any necessary compensation (a) under the UDRP, the URS or any other ICANN directive or a directive from a relevant registry; or (b) elsewhere in this agreement.

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